• It's Not Ordinary. It's Extraordinary 

What could be better than fancy cupcakes?
It's sweet, lovely, cute, pretty, and adorable.
It's a perfect accompany for afternoon tea!
But these are not just normal cupcakes, it's something else.

Chanel chocolate cupcakes with warm oozing fudge inside it.
Look at those rich and thick frosting designs.
So sweet and classy! 
Ah, heaven!

Christian Louboutin red velvet cupcakes with cherry-on-top.
This is the legendary ruby colored. Very dramatic looking! 

Chanel almond cupcakes with black and white whipped cream.
Topped with a rich sugar frosting. Classy and Elegant, as always! 

Louis Vuitton chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. 
Just like the real LV bag. Gorgeous!

What about these cupcakes with rich frosting and icing?
I also spy a Herm
ès birkin. Classic Chanel. Louis Vuitton and Gucci monogram.

Christian Dior. Louboutin. Burberry.
Fendi. ed Hardy. and Victoria Secret.

Goodness Gracious! These are just way too adorable! 
What do you think? #cupcakesobsession ♥

Images from various sources

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Kate Bosworth

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