CyberMint Monday 
LIVE with Mary-Kate, Ashley, Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson

Image edited by Devina Natalie.

Hosted by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of WhoWhatWear
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, together with Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson
will broadcast in a LIVE streaming shopping experience on Cyber Monday!

One of the Olsen twins, a StyleMint's Designer, Ashley Olsen, commented,
"We're always looking for ways to evolve StyleMint creatively
so with a groundbreaking event like this Cyber Monday evetn,
we're transforming the online shopping experience
with the power of Facebook, which is really interesting."

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Kate Bosworth

Rachel Bilson

So, what are you waiting for guys?
Monday, November 28th at 10a.m-12p.m PST 

RSVP here and stay tune for Cyber Monday LIVE on
Don't miss these amazing exclusive deals, ladies! 
Plus, I heard they have a secret grand prize for the lucky one.

Images courtesy of StyleMint, JewelMint, and ShoeMint


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